The pulse of the Global Christian Forum

Bishop Julio Murray

The forum has been a space where men and women from different traditions were able to share their personal stories, their journeys with Jesus Christ. It made me more sensitive to the way others experience God in their lives, in midst of increasingly individualistic societies.

Bishop Julio Murray. Episcopal Church of Panama. President, Latin America Council of Churches.

Rev. Dr Judy Mbugua

My participating in the forum will help me to understand where other traditions are coming from, and why they do what they do. I had never before had the opportunity to sit and listen to an Orthodox priest, for instance.

Rev. Dr Judy Mbugua. Team leader, Association of Evangelicals in Africa. Kenya.

Bishop Danisa Ndlovu

I am grateful for the openness that allowed church leaders to make themselves vulnerable, confessing mistakes and prejudices regarding others. It has been a good start for a process of coming together.

Bishop Danisa Ndlovu. Brethren in Christ Church. President elect, Mennonite World Conference. Zimbabwe.

Rev. Dr John Mathews

This meeting has been a milestone, setting an example and suggesting standards for dialogue among Christians. It has built up momentum that will now be felt in many other places.

Rev. Dr John Mathews. Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. Secretary, Ecumenical Department. India.

Rev. Dr Robina Winbush

I hope that we will be encouraged to foster similar conversations, especially at the local level, and that we will learn from experiences like this forum how to open ourselves to receive the gifts that others have to offer us.

Rev. Dr Robina Winbush. Ecumenical officer, Presbyterian Church (USA). Central Committee member, World Council of Churches.

Bishop Brian Farrell

The most important aspect of the forum is that, in deep and direct human encounters, we have found Christ in each other. It has confirmed to me that we are being led by the Holy Spirit to deepen our commitment to unity. This is the hour of His grace, if only we would listen.

Bishop Brian Farrell. Roman Catholic Church. Secretary, Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. Vatican.

Bishop James Leggett

The forum enriched my faith and expanded my view of Christian diversity, as I came to a deeper realization that the Christian faith is so much bigger that any one denomination or fellowship.

Bishop James Leggett. Chairman, Pentecostal World Fellowship. United States of America.

Dr Neville Callam

We Baptists generally can accommodate other traditions in our understanding of the church, and so we promote a spiritual ecumenism. I hope those Baptists who don't share this understanding will be encouraged to think in this direction.

Dr Neville Callam. General secretary, Baptist World Alliance. Jamaica.

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin

I have enjoyed engaging in dialogue with Russian Baptists and Pentecostals. The busy life of a bureaucrat of the Russian Orthodox Church doesn't always allow for conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. The forum helped to deepen relationships.

Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin. Russian Orthodox Church. Deputy chairman, Department for External Church Relations, Moscow Patriarchate. Russia.

Archbishop John Mweresa Kivuli II

The Northern churches may benefit from the Southern churches, and I believe the forum has reduced the gap that gives Christians a feeling of inequality within their circles.

Archbishop John Mweresa Kivuli II. African Israel Church Nineveh. Chairman Kenya chapter, Organization of African Instituted Churches.

Dr Valdir Steuernagel

We see that at the community level, especially among the poor, ecumenical encounters happen frequently; however, very often the problem lies with the leaders.

Dr Valdir Steuernagel. Representative for Christian Engagement and Spiritual Renewal, World Vision International. Brazil.

Bishop Victoria Matthews

I'll bring stories back to my community, share part of the conversations that took place here, speak of the liveliness of the African church as well as of the joy that is possible when Christians come together. And I will also mention that there were not very many women.

Bishop Victoria Matthews. Anglican Church of Canada. Diocesan bishop of Edmonton, Alberta.

Archbishop Anders Wejryd

I think that there will be some initiatives at national and local levels. If there is another international meeting following this one, it would be a good idea to focus on the "hot potatoes", the issues on which we continue to be deeply divided.

Archbishop Anders Wejryd. Church of Sweden. Archbishop of Uppsala. President, Christian Council of Sweden.

Rev. Dr Norberto Saracco

We should leave a good space open for the Holy Spirit to guide us as to how to carry forward the Forum's vision in different contexts. The next steps should be neither activities nor structures, but a sharing of the vision.

Rev. Dr Norberto Saracco. Deputy director for Latin America, Lausanne International movement. Director, International Faculty of Theological Education. Argentina.


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