Global bodies and mission communions
The World Council of Churches (WCC) is the broadest and most inclusive among the many organized expressions of the modern ecumenical movement, a move­ment whose goal is to promote a united Christian voice and witness in the world.
The Global Christian Forum seeks to offer new opportunities for broadening and deepening encounters. It is especially intended to promote new relationships between and among Christian constituencies that have not been in conversation with one another, who are in conversation with only a select group of partners and/or who have engaged in existing ecumenical relationships.
The Evangelical Community of Apostolic Action (Cevaa in French) is a Community of Protestant Churches in Mission, which was created in 1971, in Paris, France. Today, Cevaa brings together 35 protestant churches from 21 different countries in Africa, Latin America, Europe, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.
The Council for World Mission (CWM) is a worldwide community of Christian churches committed to sharing their resources of money, people, skills and insights globally, to carry out God's mission locally. The CWM in its present form was established in 1977.
The United Evangelical Mission (UEM) is a missionary communion of churches in three continents, which currently consists of 34 member churches in Africa, Asia, and Europe (Germany). Its objective is the communion in mission, and mutual assistance in missionary tasks.