Christian Association of Nigeria

a) To serve as a basis for response to the unity of the church, especially as con¬tained in our Lord's pastoral prayer "That all may be one" (John 17:21).

b) To promote understanding, peace, and unity among the various peoples and strata of society in Nigeria, through the propagation of the gospel.

c) To act as a liaison committee, by means of which its member churches can consult together and when necessary, make common statements and take common actions for the common good.

d) To act as a watch dog of the spiritual and moral welfare of the nation.


Member of:

Associate member of:


(Within the WCC membership)

Other members:

Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria

Christian Brethren / Evangelical Churches of West Africa Fellowship

Christian Council of Nigeria

Christian Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria

Organization of African Instituted Churches

Associate members:

(Within the WCC membership)



Other associate members:

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