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Surface area:323800 km2
GNI per capita:52030 US$
Classification:Major industrialized economy



Christian: 94.00%

Muslim: 2.00%


Protestants: 4102330

Catholics: 65000

Independent: 192830

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Norway, the northernmost country in Europe, has been a monarchy since 900 AD. Over a period of 500 years, it was aligned first with Denmark and then with Sweden. It got its own constitution in 1814, and in 1905, declared its independence from Sweden. Although nominally neutral, Norway was invaded by Nazi Germany in World War II and occupied for five years. It gave up its neutrality after the war and became a member of NATO, strategically important because of its border with the Soviet Union (now the Russian Federation). Norway has a strong tradition of facilitating peace negotiations, e.g. between the Palestinians and the Israelis, in the Horn of Africa and Sudan, and in Sri Lanka. It has a prosperous economy, based on oil, hydropower, and fishing. It is one of the large oil export- ing countries in the world. The population has twice voted against joining the European Union. The country was Christianized at the end of 10th century and adopted the Lutheran Reformation in the 16th century. Apart from the Church of Norway (Lutheran), which used to be the state church and is still the majority church there are several smaller free churches, the Catholic Church, Orthodox churches and Pentecostal and charismatic churches and groups. Since March 2006, virtually all the churches  are together in one national body, the new Christian Council of Norway. Besides the Church of Norway which is a member of the WCC, the Orthodox, the Anglican, the Finnish and Swedish Lutheran and the United Methodist churches in Norway as well as the German-speaking congregation are part of the WCC through the ecclesial structures outside the country to which they belong.  There is also an evangelical alliance, called the Norwegian Council on Mission and Evangelism (NORME) which is affiliated with the World Evangelical Alliance.


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