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Statistics of church membership, number of churches, congregations, pastors, etc. are those given by the churches and organizations, unless otherwise indicated. WCC member churches have various ways of defining their membership: state churches in which virtually every citizen is baptized and thus counted as a member, churches which include in their membership persons who are baptized but not actively participating, churches in which only adult baptized or communicant members are counted, etc. No attempt has been made to classify the membership figures in such categories, because agreed upon indicators to so do not exist.

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 WCC (1980) 
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Periodicals:Vida Abundante (monthly, in Spanish)
(Asociación "La Iglesia de Dios")

The Association "The Church of God" is a national Pentecostal church founded in 1952. From the beginning the church has understood itself as a charismatic, ecumenical and prophetic church. The association began with only three congregations but grew rapidly to its present size. The congregations are spread over the whole country, from the north to the extreme southern Tierra del Fuego. The church has stood out in evangelization, the practice of integral mission, in the manifestations of the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit, and in the defence of human rights, denouncing all situations that denigrate the human being as God's creature. Although it has limited resources, the association believes that its identity, vision and mission are relevant for Argentina, because the church is able to contribute to the building of a more humane, just and responsible society.

ALIDD has always recognized the vital importance of the formation of its members and leaders. The Sunday school and Bible studies are permanent features in the life of the congregations. The association has paid much attention to theological training for the various ministries, through its Emmanuel Seminary.

In the area of diakonia, the church has set up childrens' homes, service projects such as soup kitchens, clothes banks, health, literacy and assistance with school work. It is present in ecumenical organizations for social action and service. It is ecumenical by conviction and through its history, seeking from the beginning cooperation with other Pentecostal churches, and participating in ecumenical dialogue. A co-founder of the Latin American Council of Churches (CLAI), of the ecumenical movement for human rights (an organization in Argentina) and other groups, it takes part in several pastoral councils.

Last updated: 1.1.2006