Feature stories

  • 15. March 13

    A church that listens fosters healthy communities

    “A church has to embrace its sick, go out in the world, and work with its people to heal the communities,” said Dr Erlinda N. Senturias from the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, in an interview.

  • 27. February 13

    Living with God in the context of HIV and AIDS

    Christian theology regarding all people as created in God’s image can help overcome the HIV and AIDS pandemic. This and other views on the impact of HIV in Africa, its gender dynamics and the role of people living with HIV, were shared by Prof. Musa W. Dube, a former consultant of the Ecumenical HIV and AIDS Initiative in Africa (EHAIA) in a recent interview.

  • 13. February 13

    Transforming lives affected by HIV and AIDS

    A staff member of the EHAIA has been elected as general secretary of the Council of Christian Churches in Angola. She will be the first woman to serve in that position, which she considers an “opportunity to mobilize African churches to do more” in healing HIV affected communities.

  • 31. January 13

    Justice is the key to peace in Colombia

    In a recently published article, Dr Lilia Solano described the impact of Colombia’s armed conflict on its people. A long-time human rights activist, Solano reported that in the decades-long conflict, Colombia has seen five million people displaced, sixty thousand declared as “missing”, thousands killed, and a million hectares of land snatched away from the rightful owners.

  • 19. December 12

    Nuclear tragedy finds a human face in Fukushima

    The everyday effects of radiation borne by survivors of the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan add up today to an involuntary experiment with public health, community life and environmental affairs.

  • 13. December 12

    Letters to the future: Eco-justice visions in South Africa

    What will the world look like if we continue careening down a slide of eco-injustice? Ninth graders in South Africa have some idea. In a campaign organized by Suwi Siwila, the students pretended they were living in the future, writing a description to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

  • 12. December 12

    Brazilian youth advocate for peace in Palestine at WSF

    At the World Social Forum (WSF) Free Palestine, young ecumenists from Brazil made their presence felt advocating for peace in the Holy Land.

  • 5. December 12

    Fighting HIV with courage and dignity

    Always smiling, positive and finding something to be thankful for, radiating with compassion, empathy and hope. This is Florence Mbidzo. She has lived with HIV for 24 years, and uses her experiences to inspire an end to the HIV pandemic.

  • 28. November 12

    Nigerian youth adopt eco-justice for urban neighbourhoods

    A sense of eco-justice is arriving, step-by-step, in urban Lagos, Nigeria. The story of Njideka Onwunyi shows how one young woman can galvanize a growing response.

  • 26. November 12

    EWN observes World Toilet Day at a village in India

    Observing World Toilet Day in the village of Parja Suku in Odisha, India, brought forward the painful reality of many communities around the world where good, hygienic sanitation facilities are lacking.