Feature stories

  • 31. October 11

    Solving water problems through traditional and ancestral technology

    Wilhelm Pierola Iturralde is the president of the Bolivian Association "Joining Hands for Life". In an interview at the Global Forum of the Ecumenical Water Network last week, he spoke about water issues in Bolivia.

  • 31. October 11

    No peace without justice, no justice without forgiveness

    Clare Amos, the WCC programme executive for inter-religious dialogue and cooperation, shares reflections from her participation at the interfaith gathering of Assisi on 27 October.

  • 31. October 11

    Seeking government partnership for water justice

    Rev. Canon Dr Ezekiel Olusegun Babatunde, director of the Institute of Church and Society with the Christian Council of Nigeria, speaks about attempts to provide clean drinking water to communities in Nigeria.

  • 28. October 11

    Sustainable water projects need ownership

    David Weaver, senior advisor for Global Advocacy at Church World Service in the United States, shares about the Mwingi Water for All Project, and how it is attempting to contribute to water justice.

  • 28. October 11

    Steering for human rights to water

    Susan Lea Smith is an environmental and natural resources law professor from the United States. She shares her concern over the water crisis and the unjust distribution of water in the world, as well as efforts made to address this issue from a rights based perspective in her country.

  • 27. October 11

    Water: a political issue needing political solution

    Dr Rommel F. Linatoc reflected on the issues of water and sanitation from an ecumenical perspective in the Philippines, speaking in an interview at the Global Forum of the Ecumenical Water Network. The theme of the forum, which took place from 25-27 October in Nairobi, Kenya, was "Like a tree planted by the water".

  • 11. October 11

    Accelerating the church's response to HIV

    “The speed with which you run depends on what is chasing you.” One of Ezra Chitando's favorite African proverbs also captures his beliefs regarding the church's long-term commitment to meeting HIV-related challenges.

  • 5. October 11

    Churches in Geneva support migrant communities

    In the city of Calvin where Reformed and Protestant roots run deep, migrant churches are bringing a new dimension to the theological and ecclesial landscape. Recently, more than twenty churches, most from migrant backgrounds, came together to raise concerns of migrant communities, support their efforts for integration and reflect on the evolving ecclesial landscape in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • 3. October 11

    Can you imagine a world without nuclear weapons?

    Ask anyone if they can imagine a world without nuclear weapons, and as polls indicate, most will say they can. This is true even in countries that possess nuclear weapons according to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons or ICAN, a new civil society initiative dedicated to the hope of a nuclear free world.

  • 22. September 11

    Mobilizing youth and women to reduce HIV

    Thirteen West African countries. Thousands of youth and women. The numbers are daunting. But Ayoko Bahun-Wilson, EHAIA's regional coordinator, is determined to help West African youth become conscious, committed and prepared to fight to reduce the rate of HIV infections.