Feature stories

  • 27. March 12

    Churches translate mission into social action

    Sunday, 25 March was a day full of moving and thought provoking experiences for the participants of a pre-assembly event of the WCC Commission on World Mission and Evangelism, who spent half a day with a community living at a garbage dumpsite on the outskirts of Manila, Philippines.

  • 1. March 12

    EHAIA, an African initiative going beyond Africa

    In the year of its 10th anniversary, the Ecumenical HIV and AIDS Initiative in Africa reflects on how churches have become “HIV-competent”, meaning they are well informed about HIV, are welcoming HIV positive people and are fighting against HIV and AIDS in Africa and beyond.

  • 23. January 12

    Responding to HIV with faith and courage

    Rev. Dr Nyambura Njoroge is always reminding herself of the daily lives of people living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. Their battle for dignity and enormous resilience keeps inspiring her work coordinating the Ecumenical HIV and AIDS Initiative for Africa.

  • 14. December 11

    Youth promise active involvement for environmental justice

    After two weeks of training on the theology and politics of ecological justice in Durban, South Africa, Christian youth from around the world have pledged to start, in their own contexts, initiatives that promote the new understandings they have acquired.

  • 9. December 11

    Fighting ignorance, fear and stigma through Bible study

    The shock expressed by members of a rural congregation when offered an opportunity for voluntary HIV testing and counselling, and other similar experiences have taught Pauline Wanjiru Njiru that it is not the Human Immunodeficiency Virus that kills people, but fear, stigma and ignorance.

  • 8. December 11


    Churches in Egypt are praying and helping migrants, who flee home due to political turmoil, violence and uncertain future. There is a great need to develop stable democratic societies if the

  • 14. November 11

    WCC delegation witnesses deplorable prison conditions in Sierra Leone

    By Mathews George Chunakara (*)


  • 9. November 11

    Prosecutor encourages churches to help Brazil face its past

    Dr Marlon Weichert, a prominent Brazilian human rights advocate, visited the WCC offices in Geneva on Tuesday. In an interview, he appreciated the role of churches in assisting Brazil as it comes to terms with its painful past and envisions a better future. A truth commission in Brazil, he says, will start to make sense when churches continue using faith values in protecting human rights.

  • 3. November 11

    A toolmaker for HIV and AIDS awareness in Lusophone Africa

    Whether facilitating training, translating information, or distributing printed materials, Deolinda Dorcas Teca is determined to help craft the tools people in the Portuguese language region of Africa will use to face the challenges of HIV and AIDS.

  • 2. November 11

    Challenging gender inequity in pursuit of women

    Dr Sarojini Nadar is a theologian from South Africa working on the issues of gender, religion and health. As part of the WCC initiative to make November a month of health and healing, Nadar was interviewed by WCC Communications, addressing the theme