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  • 1. February 13

    Political solution is the only way to end Syria conflict

    “Violence begets violence. It is not possible for Syrians to overcome conflict without a political solution, strong democratic institutions and demilitarization of the country,” said Dr Haytham Al-Manna, a prominent Syrian human rights defender and opposition figure, head of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change in Syria (NCB).

  • 31. January 13

    Justice is the key to peace in Colombia

    In a recently published article, Dr Lilia Solano described the impact of Colombia’s armed conflict on its people. A long-time human rights activist, Solano reported that in the decades-long conflict, Colombia has seen five million people displaced, sixty thousand declared as “missing”, thousands killed, and a million hectares of land snatched away from the rightful owners.

  • 31. January 13

    WCC congratulates Armenian Patriarch-elect of Jerusalem

    Archbishop Nourhan Manougian, newly elected as the 97th Patriarch of the Armenian Church in Jerusalem and Superior of the Brotherhood of Saint James, has received congratulations and an affirmation of support from the WCC general secretary.

  • 30. January 13

    Brazilian churches comfort the bereaved from Santa Maria fire

    Feelings of loss, grief and despair marked the funeral services of an estimated 235 university students killed in a nightclub fire on Sunday, 27 January, in Santa Maria, Brazil. Vigils, masses, worship and ecumenical services are held across the country in memory of the victims.

  • 30. January 13

    WCC general secretary offers prayers for Brazil fire victims

    On behalf of the WCC member churches, the Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit has conveyed “sincere condolences” to the people and churches of Brazil over the death of more than 230 students who were killed due to fire at a night club in Santa Maria, Brazil on 27 January.

  • 29. January 13

    WCC assembly, an opportunity for praying, listening and sharing

    “The World Council of Churches 10th Assembly will be an opportunity for praying, listening and sharing together. The event will provide participants a chance to listen for the voice of God, leading them to justice and peace in the world.” These were the words of the WCC general secretary, who spoke with the press in Seoul, Republic of Korea on 29 January.

  • 29. January 13

    Churches in Geneva pray together

    Organized by the Fellowship of Christian Churches in Geneva, a prayer service was held during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity on 23 January at the Ecumenical Centre chapel in Geneva, Switzerland.

  • 28. January 13

    Dare to believe peace is coming, Tveit tells Korean congregations

    “Peace is something radical, something that has to be told – and has to be believed, so that it may become possible,” said the WCC general secretary in a Sunday evening sermon in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

  • 24. January 13

    WCC general secretary meets UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

    Justice should not be secondary to peace, and both should go together, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said in an encounter with the WCC general secretary.

  • 23. January 13

    Churches celebrate Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

    Drawing on the Indian churches’ experience of Christian disunity in the realities of casteism, churches around the world are celebrating the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity with a particular focus on justice as integral to the unity they seek.