Language services

Language is the cornerstone of communication and an important element in cultural identity. The WCC is a multi-cultural, multi-experiential fellowship, and communicates with a wide and varied audience. Questions of language are thus particularly important, and require well-thought-out language strategies.

Through translation, conference interpretation and promoting an awareness of translation and interpretation needs in languages other than its five "official" languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Russian), the WCC nurtures relations with member churches and among ecumenical organizations.

The WCC language service

  • promotes communication through translation of official documents, material for consultations, publication, public information, etc.;
  • ensures terminological coherence by revising outside translations;
  • provides translation and interpretation at WCC and other conference;
  • builds up and maintains networks of professional and volunteer translators and interpreters familiar with theological language and WCC structures;
  • develops and monitors language policy as an essential element of an overall WCC communication policy.

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