Giving voice and witness in the world

The WCC is committed to bringing the alternative ethical and moral voice of the churches and the ecumenical movement to the world, through church and secular media.

The staff of this project work in close cooperation with the WCC general secretary and in consultation with senior management to advise on issues that require a rapid moral and ethical public witness in the world. They identify media challenges and potentials, and prepare responses for the general secretary.

To cover major WCC events and key institutional priorities, the project deploys a broad range of media products including articles, statements and interviews in the Council's four working languages. It organizes press conferences and media visits, and uses a full range of communication channels including print media, TV and radio, audiovisual resources, and the web: websites, e-news, databases and collaborative computing.

It develops working contacts with the secular media, and explores how best to ensure that the WCC's voice is heard there. It chooses the most appropriate media outlets for particular issues and audiences. It builds relationships with church and ecumenical communicators in order to enhance potential interest in and impact of the WCC.

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