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More than a window into the Council, the WCC main and subsidiary web sites are "where it all comes together": a dynamic source of information, analysis and interpretation, articles, documents, images, videos and live-streaming, as well as opportunities for interacting with others. The web offers a comprehensive overview of all that the WCC is and does, as well as what is of particular interest at a particular moment or to a particular audience.

The WCC web and image office is responsible for coordinating, selecting, creating and renewing content, deciding on the best vehicle and location for each piece of the puzzle, writing, editing and illustrating, managing interactive processes, sending out e-news, ensuring the technical underpinnings for everything that happens on the WCC's web sites.

Online version of the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle "In God's hands":

An online version of the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle was first realized in 2007. It offers prayers and other worship materials from many Christians traditions and communities, enabling the reader to journey in prayer through each week of the year and through all the regions and countries of the world.

Share the ecumenical prayer cycle on your blog or your website! 


Searchable database of official WCC documents and statements:

The term "WCC document" applies to texts of many different types and levels of institutional authority. Many hundreds of such texts were issued between the WCC's 8th and 9th assemblies (1998-2006) and are available on this website. 

We are currently transferring all these texts to a central database, the WCC documents repository that you see here. In the process, we are classifying them according to source (issuing body), type and subject.

While we are still working on this, a parallel search mechanism allows you to access all the documents presently on the full WCC website.

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