Education and ecumenical formation

Theological education, Indonesia
Theology students at the Christian University, Indonesia, 2004.

Ecumenical formation, as well as faith nurturing at community and academic levels, are vital for the renewal of the ecumenical movement.  

The WCC both provides ecumenical formation itself, and supports churches, ecumenical bodies and institutions which deliver ecumenical formation and faith nurturing by helping them to develop capacity, contextualized curricula, and methodologies. 

The Ecumenical Institute
The Ecumenical Institute offers seminars, graduate and post-graduate education in ecumenical studies, opportunities to explore challenging ecumenical issues, and a unique experience of ecumenical worship and community life.
Ecumenical lay formation and faith nurture
This project is creating a network of ecumenical and faith formation practitioners that can share concepts, methodologies, curricula and resources; organize workshops and seminars to train teaching staff and share good teaching practices.
Ecumenical theological education
This project develops and shares with theological educators and institutions curricula designed to prepare church leaders and pastors to engage ecumenically and theologically with difficult social issues like HIV/AIDS or disability.
Library and Archives
Managing information and preserving the institutional memory of the ecumenical movement