Library & Archives

The WCC owns a unique collection of specialized documents pertaining to the ecumenical movement and its history: 120,000 volumes, 1,400 specialized periodicals (some of them over a century old), 500,000 documents on microfilm, 400,000 negatives and slides and 180,000 prints, 500 videos, 3,000 sound tapes and some 12,000 archive boxes.

Housed in two locations, the Ecumenical Centre in Geneva and the Ecumenical Institute in Bossey, the WCC library and archives support ecumenical formation and research by managing information and preserving the institutional memory of the ecumenical movement.

The library selects, acquires, processes and makes available books, documents, journals, records, correspondence and papers to researchers and other users. Among the latter are interested ecumenists, including those from the Ecumenical Institute and WCC staff, staff of other ecumenical organizations, theological libraries, and ecumenical studies departments and research centres around the world.

Most WCC records are now produced electronically, and the library and archives ensure that this information is securely stored and easily accessible. Library and archives databases are made available via the web. Partnership with the network of Swiss French-speaking university and public libraries ensures high-quality.

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