The Ecumenical Institute

The mission of the Ecumenical Institute of Bossey is to educate and form ecumenical leaders, both clergy and lay, for service in parishes, classrooms and ecumenical centres around the world and to shape ecumenical thought through intercultural and inter-confessional encounter, through study in residential programmes and through common worship and life in community.

The Ecumenical Institute is academically attached to the University of Geneva through the Autonomous Faculty of Protestant Theology since 1952. The ecumenical formation taking place in Bossey strengthens, transforms and enriches the identities of the students, who originate from the broad WCC constituency and beyond, and aims at providing a vibrant learning environment that encourages a passion for ecumenism.

Through its community life, formal study and worship, Bossey offers a unique experience of ecumenical formation in its academic programmes and encounters.

As a laboratory for the ecumenical movement, Bossey creates spaces for the exploration of challenging issues facing the churches.

The Ecumenical Institute fosters research on cutting-edge issues of the ecumenical movement and thus facilitates an informed debate on such issues as well as encourages and promotes the use of the unique collections of the libraries and archives of the WCC.

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