Inter-religious dialogue and cooperation

Youth interfaith forum
Participants in a WCC youth interfaith forum, Geneva, November 2005.

At the dawn of the 21st century, religion plays a central role in public life, and has become a significant identity marker.  

In our increasingly pluralistic societies, more inter-religious dialogue and cooperation are needed if conflict fueled by religion is to be constructively addressed.  

Spiritual and religious traditions are a source of values that can defend dignified life for all; these traditions need to be explored.  

We need new ways to understand both particularity, universality and plurality; we must learn to live our faith with integrity while respecting and accepting each other. 

Inter-religious trust and respect
This project attempts to strengthen inter-religious trust and respect through bilateral and multilateral dialogues, regional and cross-cultural encounters on topics like religion and violence, perceptions of "the other", and the search for identity in pluralistic societies.
Christian self-understanding
This project engages member and non-member churches and Christian communities in reflection on what it means to be a Christian in a world of many religions, and on conversion as an issue in inter-religious relations.
Current Dialogue