Strengthening inter-religious trust and respect

This project is designed to explore cutting-edge issues in today's religiously plural societies, and common concerns of and friction with people of other faiths. It does so through bilateral and multilateral encounters as well as through the use of contemporary communication tools.

A multifaith think-tank will discuss the issue of conversion via the internet and at an annual consultation. Established by the WCC in 1997, the group has dealt in the past with issues such as religion and violence, and the "other" in our religious traditions.

There is a yearning for spirituality among many young people, not always in a strictly religious sense, and often disconnected from institutionalized religion and dogmas, rites and religious practices. The project will provide a space for young adults from different regions and cultures to discuss religious identity, and meaning in pluralist societies.

Women have often challenged the ways religion is used to legitimize violence against them, and have been able step over religious divides to work for peace, particularly in conflict situations. This project will attempt to strengthen a network of women working together for justice and peace.

The project will initiate and monitor a website focusing on best practices in inter-religious dialogue. This will include a help desk where users can consult religious/inter-religious experts and exchange best practices. Other possible site features could be a question-and-answer bulletin board, commentaries to blogs, webcast conferences with interactive features, and web-based working groups.

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