Ecumenical solidarity and regional relations

This project reflects the ecumenical commitment to sharing resources amidst growing poverty and polarization, displacement, exclusion, etc. It provides practical solidarity in response to the needs of the WCC's constituency, while keeping in mind the principle of mutual accountability.  

Such solidarity can take various forms: pastoral visits to churches facing difficult situations, working with churches to strengthen their organizational capacities, and providing timely resources to support strategic initiatives.

The WCC's regional relations work is placed in this project. In order to pursue WCC's commitments to deepening and broadening the fellowship through strengthened relationships, staff assigned to regional work ensures that existing networks in the regions and the history, memory and legacy of the Council's relations with its constituencies are strengthened. They help to facilitate relations with member churches, regional ecumenical organizations, national councils of churches and ecumenical agencies in the respective regions. They also mediate mutual accountability, enable regional participation in the programmatic activities of the WCC, facilitate the WCC's programmes, projects and activities in the regions as needed, and address regional specificities.

This project facilitates WCC's involvement with ACT Alliance at the global level. Relationships with and between ecumenical partners working in the field of diakonia and justice will be strengthened as a result of this project.

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