Make November the month of Health and Healing!

November is that time of year just before Advent when we prepare for our Saviour coming into the world. A time for reflection and preparation as we invite God into our lives. A time for healing and transformation.

It is a time to regroup and revitalize the church community and an appropriate time for reflection and action on healing and health.

The World Council of Churches invites you to make November 2011 the month of Health and Healing. Each week we will offer you a reflection on one aspect of health and healing, looking at stories from the Bible and our Christian calling to service in the world.

A special focus of these resources is Gender, Reproductive and Sexual health.

Week 1: Gender inequity and its impact on health: Created in the image of God

See also: An interview with Dr Sarojini Nadar

Week 2: Maternal health: Mary, teenage mother of God

See also: Outline of a prayer service on maternal health

Week 3: Health and sexuality: "I am like a rose on the coast of Sharon."

Week 4: Poverty and health: Twelve years of life, twelve years of suffering