Individual study scholarships
General criteria
The Training & Information Centre for Ecological Development in Ploiesti, Romania. Photo: Peter Williams/WCC

All potential candidates from WCC member churches wishing to receive an individual study scholarship must meet the following general criteria in order to be considered:

  • Applications may only be submitted by WCC member churches according to their specific human resource needs relating to diakonia and development related work.
  • No applications from individuals lacking appropriate recommendation from a WCC member church will be considered. Applicants are required to provide any additional information related to their application as requested by the WCC scholarships office. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure proper channels of communications are maintained throughout the application process.
  • Individuals must have completed secondary education, possess basic training for employment and preferably come with several years of work experience related to the proposed field of study.
  • Applicants should also hold the necessary qualifications to undertake the proposed programme of study and be committed to participating fully in the life of the host community during the period of study.
  • The applicant can only begin studies in the year following the application and confirmation of award from the WCC scholarships office, i.e. 2012 applicants can only begin studies in 2013.
  • The applicant must agree to the terms of award that specify she/he must return to her/his respective country and the requesting body to take up the task/role for which the study was requested once she/he has completed the programme of study. The period of service is to be specifically agreed with the requesting body as part of the application process and mutually confirmed prior to the award of scholarships.
Limitations and restrictions

Due to the purpose and scope as well as the finite capacity of financial resources the following limitations and restrictions apply to individual studies accompanied by the WCC through its scholarships programme:

  • Applications must be submitted using the WCC scholarship application form available in three languages  English, French and Spanish – on the WCC scholarships website.
  • Individual studies are to be undertaken outside of the country of residence, but within the specific region  i.e. Africa, Asia, Latin America, etc.  of the applicant. Studies undertaken at an institution with which the WCC has a memorandum of agreement will be considered separately. A list of the institutions and their area of training can be found on the WCC Scholarships webpage.
  • Studies are not to exceed a maximum of two years and are limited to certificates or masters degree level programmes. Applicants who receive scholarships awards for studies that last two years must submit transcripts of their first year’s study in order to be eligible for receipt of the second year’s scholarship installment.
  • Proposals for individual studies at doctoral degree level will not be considered.
  • Proposals for individual study in theology will not be considered unless specifically related to diakonia and/or development-related work. Such courses must be taken at a recognized institution with a proven curriculum that links the two fields of study.
  • Students who are already studying are not eligible for consideration.
  • Scholarship awards only cover the expenses of the candidate and do not include allowances for accompanying spouses or children. The WCC reserves the right to determine the final amount of the scholarship award.
  • Successful applicants shall be required to sign a contractual terms of award with the WCC setting out the various conditions applying to the scholarship award.
  • Funds shall be remitted directly to the study institution upon confirmation of the applicant’s arrival at the said institution.
  • The applicant is responsible for submitting a report to the scholarships office in the format designated by the WCC. This report is to be submitted no later than three (3) months upon completion of the study programme. The WCC may use the report for information, publicity and/or fundraising purposes after consultation with the student on privacy matters and the protection of personal information.
  • Applications must reach the scholarships office by no later than 30 April of each calendar year and will be considered on their individual merits in the light of available resources.
Application Process

All applications for consideration must adhere to the following procedures.

  • The completed application form is to be submitted to the WCC scholarships programme office in Geneva at the following address and arrive no later than 30 April of each calendar year.

    Scholarships Office

    Justice, Diakonia and Responsibility for Creation

    World Council of Churches

    150 Route de Ferney

    P.O. Box 2100
    CH-1211 Geneva 2

    The Application Form can also first be sent electronically to the scholarships office via email. However, the full application form with all accompanying documents must be submitted through regular postal channels at the above address.
  • The completed application form must be accompanied by the following documents:
    • Recommendation of the requesting body, i.e. member church or church-related organization (Part D of the application form).
    • Budget form (Appendix A of application form) detailing the financial requirements for the study programme along with the appropriate documentation provided by the study institution.
    • Language certificate demonstrating proficiency in the language of proposed study.
    • Education certificates and academic records.
    • Copy of the letter of acceptance issued by the study institution or equivalent correspondence.