The "Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum" (PIEF) is a platform that rallies churches together enabling them to coordinate their efforts and initiatives for a just peace in Palestine-Israel.

The aim is to bring an end to the illegal occupation of Palestine in accordance with UN resolutions, and demonstrate commitment for inter-religious action for peace and justice that serves all the peoples of the region. The PIEF believes that non-violence and rigorous dialogue between people, regardless of religious affiliation, are the pillars around which peace, justice, and reconciliation can originate in the region.

Olive branch: a symbol of peace

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World Week for Peace

At a roadblock in Al-Izariyyeh

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Jerusalem wall at Qalandia

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The conflict over the status of Jerusalem is often cited as the most sensitive, central and emotive of the conflicts shaking the Middle East region as a whole. It is one of the major obstacles in the peace process.
PIEF offers a selection of articles, reports and documents from various sources to highlight the severity of the situation in Gaza as well as the imperative for urgent solutions.
Settlements have been identified as a focus issue of PIEF.
Tourism presents a strategic avenue for just peace advocacy in Palestine and Israel. PIEF has worked to promote pilgrimages of transformation by supporting the establishment of guidelines and a Code of Conduct for Tourism in the Holy Land based on biblical perspectives. There is a now growing movement of people and groups in Palestine, Israel and around the world that holds the conviction that pilgrimages to The Holy Land should contribute to the sustainable development of Palestine and, hence, tourism should be transformed for justice so that it can serve as an instrument for peace and justice.