Churches engaged for nuclear arms control

The WCC raises ecumenical concerns and advocates at various levels of national and international governance for nuclear disarmament, control of the spread of other weapons of mass destruction, and accountability under the international rule of law, and fulfilment of treaty obligations.

Over the coming period, the Council's nuclear disarmament advocacy will focus on the Middle East and Asia; it includes collaboration with the Vatican, other faiths and civil society groups.

It urges churches to follow up on the Ninth Assembly minute on nuclear arms with their governments, and supports them with advocacy letters, background information and study materials.

Participating churches and councils receive advice and develop new contacts to support regional, national, local or civil society actions, including inter-religious initiatives.

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Minute on the elimination of nuclear arms

This report was presented to and received by the WCC's 9th Assembly (2006). Its resolutions were proposed by the Public Issues Committee and approved by the Assembly through consensus.

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