Partnership with ecumenical organizations

This project seeks to deepen partnership with regional ecumenical organizations (REOs), national councils of churches (NCCs), Christian world communions (CWCs), specialized ministries, and international ecumenical organizations.  

While almost all the WCC's programmatic work is carried out in consultation with ecumenical partners, this project seeks to provide an overview and coordination of these relationships. One aim is to build trusting and fruitful relationships for the benefit of those involved and of the ecumenical movement as a whole. Another is to map the changing ecclesial landscape and programmatic work carried out within the movement on a regular basis. 

Giving direction to reflection on "Ecumenism in the 21st Century", furthering the work of the Global Christian Forum, and maintaining the WCC's coordinating role in ACT Development are part of the work in this area, as is maintaining relations with the Roman Catholic Church and with Pentecostal churches. 

A Joint WCC-RCC Working Group and a Joint Consultative Group between WCC and Pentecostals meet regularly. In follow-up to a proposal made by the former, a global consultation of national councils of churches (in which Roman Catholic churches may be members) is scheduled for 2009 or 2010, in collaboration with the Pontifical Council on Promoting Christian Unity. 

As far as the REOs are concerned, this project targets greater complementarity of roles, programmes and public statements between them and the WCC. In the case of national councils and federations of churches, the WCC is particularly interested in the changing nature of national ecumenical contexts as expressed in their membership, and the existence of other "churches together" movements.

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The following article is the entry on "Councils of churches: local, national, regional" from the revised edition of the Dictionary of the Ecumenical Movement published jointly by the World Council of Churches and the Wm. Eerdmans in 2002.

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