Visits to member churches and partners

Visits by the general secretary, WCC staff, and representatives of member churches to other member churches and ecumenical partners express solidarity with them, and help them to develop a deeper understanding of the Council's raison d'être, feel that they "own" its goals and aims, and commit themselves to its priorities and programmes. 

In a mutual process of learning and sharing, such visits take different forms, including:

  • Visits by the WCC general secretary to member churches to listen to their concerns, understand their situations and interpret the latest developments in the life of the Council to them. Here, an effort is made to ensure that all regions and countries are visited on an equitable basis.
  • The general secretary or a member of the WCC staff or governing bodies participates in a major event organized by a member church or ecumenical partner in response to their invitation to do so. 
  • Visits to important ecumenical partners to inform them about and garner support for the WCC's work are also organized.

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