Women in church and society: challenges and hopes

This project offers women from different Christian traditions, regions and age groups an opportunity to speak out and share their visions so that they might contribute to society,  the ecumenical movement and the search for unity.

With an accent on advocacy on behalf of women, it offers a space for creative dialogue between women's diverse voices and experiences across regions and denominations, and enables women to challenge the churches on priority concerns affecting their daily lives. This is done in close collaboration with other WCC work on issues like women and economic justice, violence against women and children, and women in a religiously plural world.

Meetings within the scope of this project included for example a November 2007 gathering of women representatives of regional ecumenical organizations to plan the continuation of work on violence against women, reflect on the WCC's coordinating role in regard to women and inter-religious dialogue, women under racism and women and economic justice; this meeting will also reflect on a methodology for dialogue among women of various traditions, regions and ages.

What it takes to be a man

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