Global platform for theological reflection

The WCC as a world-wide instrument of Christian unity facilitates common theological understanding on crucial issues in the life, work and relationships of, and among, churches, Christian World Communions, ecumenical partners and specialized ministries working in different fields.  

The WCC has done this in various ways in the past. It now provides an annual global platform involving church leaders, theologians, ethicists, social scientists and activists from many parts of the world.

The platform provides a space to analyze and interpret major challenges to the Christian witness of the churches, their ministries and the ecumenical movement in the world today. The aim is to allow dialogue and a sharing of diverse perspectives rather than to arrive at convergence texts.  

The first global platform process took place in 2007 with theological reflection on migration.

Since the beginning of 2010, the platform is facilitated by a core group of theologians and activists representing the five networks of the project on Just and Inclusive Communities. In 2010, the focal theme is "Unity and Mission today: Voices and visions from the margins".

Themes of reflection in previous years included:

2009 Reflection on Advocacy: Praying, speaking out and acting together

2008 Reflection on Bible, crisis and catastrophe
The archive of the 2008 forum on the theological reflection on Bible, crisis and catastrophe.
2007 Reflection on migration
The archive of the 2007 forum on theological aspects of the issue of migration.

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Unity and Mission Today: Voices and Visions from the Margins

Report of the Global Platform for Theological Reflection meeting in Bucharest, Romania, 4-10 October 2010.

2009 report of the Global Platform for Theological Reflection

This report was developed in response to a five-day meeting of the fifth annual United Nations Advocacy Week (UNAW), and a three-day meeting of the Global Platform for Theological Reflection (GPTR), in Manhasset, New York, from November 15 through November 22, 2009. The focus of the UNAW was on three areas of crisis: Climate Displaced Peoples, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, and Colombia. The theme of the GPTR meeting was “Praying, Speaking Out, and Acting Together.”

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