Migration and social justice

While migration has always been a fact of life, it raises new economic, political, cultural and ecclesial concerns in today's globalized world. New forms of migration, including trafficking and development-induced displacement, threaten the human dignity of millions of people. Xenophobia is increasing. 

Migration in a globalized world raises questions about inter-faith relations, identity, justice, racism, advocacy and diakonia. This project seeks to engage and challenge the churches in their work with migrants, including refugees, internally displaced people and victims of trafficking. As the connections between xenophobia and racism are particularly strong, it emphasizes understanding new migration phenomena in a framework of transformative justice, which grew out of the WCC's work on overcoming racism

The project uses different methodologies - accompaniment, networking, advocacy, study and consultations. It focuses on activities that the WCC is uniquely qualified to carry out, and on strengthening partnerships with others working in this area. 

Bringing together ecumenical partners to collectively analyze the situation in their regions and to develop advocacy strategies on both migration and racism allows for the development of a global advocacy strategy. It allows the Global Ecumenical Network on Migration (GEM) to advocate more actively with inter-governmental bodies addressing migration and racism. It breaks new ground by deliberately bringing together ecumenical networks on migration, racism and multicultural ministries.

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