Ecumenical perspectives on mission and unity

The WCC invites the churches to share reflections, insights and experiences as to how the churches can best be faithful to their mission and provide a common witness to Jesus Christ in all realms of life - personal, cultural and socio-economic.

It sees the mission challenges for the churches as finding a balance between a clear witness to the gospel, the respect for people's dignity, and solidarity with those who suffer, e.g. from exclusion, injustice or sickness. Mission emanates from worshipping churches and includes evangelism, the search for inclusive communities, various forms of healing ministries, as well as  covenanting for justice. In WCC's perspective, mission must be "in Christ's way" and strive for authentic reconciliation and peace, counting on the presence and power of God's healing Spirit, in particular in situations of religious plurality.

This project brings the WCC's specific ecumenical perspective and experience to international dialogue and debate on mission and evangelism in the 21st century.

As an institutional expression at the world level of the movement started at the 1910 Edinburgh World Mission Conference that led to the integration of church and mission, the WCC has played a leading role in organizing a common mission conference in June 2010 in Edinburgh, together with many stakeholders representing the changing face of contemporary world Christianity.

The WCC has likewise been involved in the first stages of an international, interdenominational and decentralized study on mission launched in preparation for the centennial. The project pursues this involvement; steps and content are being negotiated with partners beyond the WCC fellowship, including evangelicals, Pentecostals and Roman Catholic mission bodies.

WCC's own study work focuses on the link between evangelism and unity (including issues of church growth, conversion, proselytism); between mission and the healing ministry; and between ecclesiology and mission. WCC will also continue the search for a relevant spirituality in mission and in the struggle for justice.

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