Week 11 - Myanmar, Thailand

10 March - 31 December 1969


Give thanks for:

  • Those who are working towards non-violent solutions to end the ethnic conflicts and militarization in Myanmar.
  • Thailand’s support for refugees from Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
  • Those working on behalf of exploited children, particularly those in the sex trade.
  • The Christian Conference of Asia.
  • The Myanmar Council of Churches.
  • Orchids and ching chops (a Thai instrument like brass finger cymbals), boat-shaped harps, gongs, bamboo flutes, colourful silks, graceful dancers and gentle spirits.
  • Burmese marionettes, some with 60 different strings.
  • Buddhist and Christian dialogue, which strives to break down old barriers and find common cause for hope and peace.

Pray for:

  • Children in Myanmar, especially the child soldiers, orphans, refugees, and those forced into labour and prostitution.
  • Those imprisoned unjustly and who endure spiritual and physical oppression.
  • Women and girls and their protection from rape and forced labour.
  • Ethnic groups to maintain their own rich heritage, languages and cultures.
  • The stateless Rohingyas from Rakhan State and other internally displaced people and refugees, so that they receive what they need: food, clothing, medicine, blankets, education and security.
  • Those who deliver humanitarian aid and supplies, so that they will be blessed, protected and empowered in sharing God’s love and hope.
  • Families who have been separated.
  • Christians in Myanmar who undergo discrimination and forced reconversion to majority religions.
  • Those struggling to rebuild their lives after the destruction of tsunamis and typhoons.
  • Political reforms, democratization and rule of law in Myanmar.
  • An end to corruption and crime, drug use and sex tourism.
  • Those suffering from AIDS.


Give us this day our daily bread.
All good gifts of the earth come from your generous hands, God.
Yet, this abundance is not shared equally among us.
While some are satisfied, others are starving.
Women often become the victims of exploitation 
because they are desperate to feed and care for their children.
If only we would be mindful that each and every one of us must pray:
Give us this day our daily bread.