Week 19 - Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda

13 April - 31 December 1969


Give thanks for:

  • Those working to make peace agreements benefit the Sudanese people.
  • Those refugees able to return home.
  • Those taking care of refugees, and international aid organizations.
  • Peace-makers working to find solutions to Sudan’s divisions.
  • Those who strive to end the civil war in Uganda.
  • The commitment of the Ugandan government to control the AIDS epidemic.

Pray for:

  • An end to the bombing of innocent civilians by the Sudanese government.
  • A just solution to the conflicts between the Sudan and South Sudan.
  • Those divided by civil wars and violence between ethnic and religious groups.
  • Refugees in and near Darfur.
  • Groups such as the Bantu, Melut and Adariyal who have been displaced from their villages due to the oil research in their areas.
  • An end to corruption in public offices, so that governments can better serve their people and public funds benefit the many and not just the few.

  • Those suffering from HIV and AIDS, particularly children who have been orphaned by the disease.
  • Uganda and its neighbours achieving an open partnership for lasting peace and an end to the violence perpetrated by the LRA.



Bless, O Lord, those who hear your word and believe it.
We pray for the people who are in remote areas,
and live in fear of the world of spirits,
that they will know your power as Saviour of the world.
Bring peace to our land
and all parts of the world that are disturbed,
so that the gospel of salvation may be preached to all humankind.
In Jesus’ name we pray.



(prayer text for 2007)

Visit us, we are despairing.
Our faith is wavering, O Lord, come visit us.
The hardness of the world weighs heavily on us.
Sin keeps us away from your path.
We are forsaken, forsaken, forsaken.

 Sudan. Prières pour le monde 2004, © Fédération protestante de France, Paris, France. English transl. Terry MacArthur © 2005 WCC.