Week 22 - Botswana, Zimbabwe

27 May - 31 December 1969


Give thanks for:

  • Health care workers who provide medical aid and education to those infected with the HIV virus.
  • The Christian Council of Botswana and the Zimbabwe Council of Churches.
  • Marimbas, drums, mbiras (instruments made with tuned strips of metal and played with the thumbs) and shakers.
  • Choir festivals where singers join together in praise of Christ.
  • Those working for a better democracy in Zimbabwe.
  • Uncles, grandmothers and cousins taking care of children whose parents have died of AIDS.

Pray for:

  • The leaders of government and their success in bringing economic progress, education and health care to their people.
  • Landowners and the land workers, and those who are displaced by land reform.
  • Reconciliation between the races in Zimbabwe, leading to a society of equality and respect.
  • AIDS orphans.
  • Hope for those who have little to hope for.



Dear God, our builder,
you have all the building materials needed to construct our societies.
You have all the strength to put wisdom on all that has fallen apart in our lives.
You have the wisdom to reshape our world.
Inspire us with all your wisdom, strength and love,
to rebuild the broken walls in our community.



(prayer text for 2007)

Lord God,
we give you thanks for sending your only Son to give us life.
In the midst of wealth we are crushed by poverty,
and while we are offered Christ-life in all its fullness,
we are surrounded by disease, death and destruction.
We are tempted to despair, and yet keep hoping,
knowing that you care.
At times we weep silent tears, and cry out with deep emotion.
We come to you, our only hope and refuge.
Thank you for the gift of laughter,
even when the going is tough.
With you, O Lord, we may be troubled but not destroyed.

© Rev. Farai Chirisa, Zimbabwe. www.ctal.org.uk/zimbabwe.htm