Week 25 - Brazil

17 June - 31 December 1969


Give thanks for:

  • The strength of the church in Brazil, the members and leaders of the Roman Catholic dioceses, the work of the National Council of Christian Churches in Brazil, the witness of Pentecostal and Evangelical Christians, and those who work to spread the Gospel on the streets and in the favelas (shanty towns).
  • Those who work for the liberation of the people and for social, political and economic justice.
  • The beauty and biological diversity of the Amazonian rainforest – for parrots and the golden-headed lion tamarin (an endangered monkey).
  • Feijoada, strong coffee, rice and beans.
  • Carnival, when rich and poor dance together.

Pray for:

  • Indigenous peoples who have lived on the land for thousands of years, but whose ways of life have been threatened or ended in the name of development and greed.
  • The hundreds of thousands of children who are forced to live and work on the streets; that they may know your gentle touch and love.
  • An end to political violence, torture and brutality by police and others who are charged with the well-being and safety of the people.
  • Landless peasants who struggle to make a life for themselves and their children.
  • Respect for human rights, so that no one can deny others their basic liberty with impunity.




And the waters will flow from your altar, Lord
and flood the earth.
And we will be like a garden watered,
cared for,
exposed to life. 

Oh! let these waters come,
impetuous and pure,
and destroy the powers
and clean the paths
which my people will take,
singing and rejoicing
in an endless celebration,
the Word, Life, Freedom
and the Resurrection! 

And the waters will flow from your altar, Lord,
and clean away the debris
and we will have courage to act,
to serve,
to change the world. 

And the waters will flow from your altar, Lord,
life will be rekindled,
and we will see the new creation,
of your love.


(prayer text for 2007)

God of Life,
prepare our hands for a touch,
a new and different touch.
Prepare our hands for a touch,
a touch of encounter,
a touch of awakening,
a touch of hope,
a touch of feeling.
Many are the worn-out gestures.
Many are the movements frozen in time.
Many are the useless excuses just to repeat attitudes.
Give us daring
to create new titles of community,
new kinds of affection,
breaking away from old ways of relating,
encouraging true, meaningful ways to move into closeness.

Ernesto Barros Cardoso, Brazil. Gifts of Many Cultures: Worship Resources for the Global Community, Maren C. Tirabassi and Kathy Wonson Eddy, United Church Press, Cleveland OH, USA, 1995, p.4.