Week 29 - Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama

15 July - 31 December 1969


Give thanks for:

  • Those who send money back home so their families can live.
  • Those who, like Christ, have endured humiliation, torture and death because of their embodiment of love, freedom and justice.
  • Continuing efforts by the church, civil governments, the UN and other agencies to create an enduring culture of peace.
  • The continuing beauty and richness of the land, and those who advocate its wise and equitable use.
  • The Latin American Council of Churches, especially its Mesoamerica Region, and its realization of a holistic mission of evangelism and social witness.

Pray for:

  • Those people who live with the hard realities of persistent poverty, hunger, malnutrition, homelessness and unemployment.
  • Farm workers and indigenous peoples, who are endangered by the loss of their lands and livelihoods, and those already displaced who seek shelter in land invasion communities.
  • Street children, especially in urban areas.
  • Women exploited in jobs where they are often treated as slaves.


Loving God, I offer myself to you.

May my mind think of you,

and my eyes see the needs of others.

May my ears hear the cries of the world

and my voice speak of you.

May my hands work for your reign

and my feet walk on your path.

May my life be used in your service

and my heart love you more than anything else.

May the joy of the Lord be my strength to serve him

all the days of my life.


Prayer text for 2007:


Christ our true God,
risen from the dead,
whose tomb is brighter than any royal hall,
will have mercy on us,
and save us,
for this is a good God who loves us all.