Week 30 - Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico

22 July - 31 December 1969


Give thanks for:

  • Those who have taken in refugees and the exiled.
  • Communities that have cared for one another.
  • Church leaders who have spoken on behalf of the downtrodden.
  • Those who try to tell the stories of the poor to those who are rich.
  • Tortillas, burritos, enchiladas, cactus, corn and beans.
  • Ancient temples and ancient civilizations.

Pray for:

  • A peaceful settlement of the border dispute between Guatemala and Belize.
  • Comfort and healing for the families and loved ones of Guatemalans killed and disappeared, and due process of law and justice for their killers.
  • An end to human rights abuses by the military.
  • The repentance and conversion of those who benefit from corruption.
  • Justice, education and empowerment for the Maya and other indigenous peoples.
  • Those who are unemployed, and those who must work in sweatshops under difficult and often dangerous conditions.
  • Street children.
  • All those living in poverty.
  • Strength, wisdom and patience for the churches and church organizations.



Seeed of life

Lord, in this world

you have sown the seeds of life

in the hearts of our daughters and sons,

seeds which are growing slowly and quietly,

seeds whose fruit is the strengthening of hope.

But weed seeds have also been sown.

Their fruit is sadness, sorrow and death.

They try to suffocate all efforts to build a different world.

We draw closer to you in prayer

so we can perceive these situations

which discourage and confuse, causing dejection.

Equip us to uncover and denounce evil

without hurting the lives of those sowing love and justice.

Fortify the weak stalks

so that hope and patience flower in us,

to follow you without ever halting our sowing.


Prayer text for 2007:

Morning prayer for peace

God of life,
in the early light of this new day
I want to treasure the opportunity you give me
      to wake up enveloped in your peace.
I know that today I will face many different situations.
The world, unfortunately, has not changed much
      since last night, which you prepared for me to rest.
But knowing that your peace accompanies life encourages me.

Son of Peace,
today, make of me an announcer of your peace,
      which breaks down hatred, egotism, abuse, lies, intolerance,
      which ends the conflicts between peoples,
            families and persons,
      which reconciles all human beings with God,
      with themselves, and with all who surround them,
            making them new women and men.

Spirit of Unity,
gather in this humble prayer
      the prayers from all your people in the world,
that your peace, your justice and your mercy enfold us
      and enable us to live as one,
      the new humanity of peace.