Week 31 - The Caribbean

29 July - 31 December 1969


Give thanks for:

  • The Caribbean Council of Churches.
  • Warm seas and idyllic beaches.
  • Calypso, reggae, plena, merengue, salsa, and all the new rhythms being created in these islands.
  • Pepperpot stew, cou-cou, bananas, sweet potatoes, conch.
  • Patois, Creole, Srana, Bajan and other languages which fill these islands with meaning.

Pray for:

  • Political stability and ethical, honest leadership from those in power.
  • Improved economic status for all peoples.
  • An end to exploitation and oppression based on race, religion or rank.
  • Church leadership, ecumenism, and tolerance.
  • Improved health for all.
  • Those affected by hurricanes and floods.


Gracious and compassionate God,
faithful to all your promises,
supplier of our needs,
may we never underestimate
the value of all that you afford us;
nor the usefulness of the endowments you give
for the realization of your purposes.
May we never so take for granted
the gifts your bounteous grace provides
as to become victims of the callousness
that produces an abundance of waste.
And save us, we ask you, from becoming
purveyors of the careless and irresponsible disposal
of the waste we produce.


Prayer text for 2007:

Creator God,
how could we possibly not thank you
for the earth you have given to us!
With joy we praise you
for the high mountains and their trees,
for the rushing waters of Caribbean rivers
which give the breath of inspiration
and the joy of fruitfulness,
for the forests so luxuriant in foliage,
the glorious tall trees
and the abundance of temperate climes.
Still more, we praise you
for the wisdom for living,
and the commitment which our dignified
and courageous ancestors taught us,
the neighbours in whom we became acquainted with you.