Week 34 - Oceania

19 August - 31 December 1969


Give thanks for:

  • The amazing diversity of these islands in the Pacific.
  • Fish, oysters, deep blue waters, and those who know how to live in harmony with the sea.
  • The strong presence of the church in these nations.
  • Welcoming smiles.
  • Communities that take care of one another.

Pray for:

  • The preservation of these island nations in the midst of global warming and rising sea levels.
  • Those affected by earthquakes, volcanic activity and cyclones.
  • The rights of indigenous peoples throughout these islands.
  • An end to political unrest, violence and ethnic tensions.
  • An end to political corruption and crime.
  • Those who have been affected by nuclear weapons testing by France in French Polynesia and the United States in the Marshall Islands.
  • Those who are impoverished and hungry, those who are unable to find employment or to make a living, and those who are unable to attend school.


Loving God, provide a voice for our struggles.

Provide extra paddles to bring us together.

Grant peace to our hearts, our ears and our eyes

to forgive and to love our neighbours and our enemies.

O Lord, give us a chance to redeem the Fonua*

and to reclaim paradise.

* "land and people" in Tongan language

© Rev. Valamotu Palu, general secretary, Pacific Council of Churches, Suva, Fiji


O God, save our shores from the weapons of death,
our lands from the things that deny our young ones love and freedom.
Let the seas of the Pacific Ocean carry messages of peace and goodwill.
Turn away from our midst any unkind and brutal practices.
Let each child swim and breathe the fresh air
that is filled by the Holy Spirit.
O Lord Jesus, bless all who are makers of that inner peace
that breaks down the barriers of hatred,
and unite us with the open arms of your cross,
that all the peoples of the world may live happily together.

Prayer by Amanuka Havea, Tonga, published in Your Will Be Done © Christian Conference of Asia Youth, Hong Kong, 1984.