Week 40 - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

30 September - 31 December 1969


Give thanks for:

  • Those Christians and Muslims who remained faithful to their traditions during Soviet domination.
  • Those who work for peace in a region of ancient animosities, as well as new ones created in the aftermath of the Soviet system.
  • Armenian khatchkars – intricately decorated crosses carved on monolithic rocks.
  • Monasteries and churches, lovingly being restored.
  • Musical traditions going back centuries.
  • Traditions of elaborate family meals and wondrous hospitality.
  • Movement towards democracy.

Pray for:

  • The Georgian Orthodox Church, that it may rediscover a rich relationship with the family of churches worldwide.
  • A foundation for peace among these countries, and an encouragement of new relationships with neighbouring nations.
  • An end to all the boundary disputes which threaten to erupt into violence.
  • Those suffering poverty and unemployment.
  • New concern for the environment.

Prayer of Confession

You are not the accuser, but the liberator,

not the destroyer, but the rescuer,

not the executioner, but the saviour,

not the scatterer, but the gatherer,

not the traitor, but the deliverer.

You do not pull down, but lift up.

You do not knock down, but stand upright.

You do not curse, but bless.

You do not take revenge, but give grace.

You do not torment, but comfort.

You do not erase, but write.

You do not shake, but steady.

You do not trample, but console.

You do not invent the causes of death,

but seek the means to preserve life.

You do not forget to help.

You do not abandon the good.

You do not withhold compassion.

You do not bring the sentence of death,

but the legacy of life.

You are not opposed for your generosity.

You are not blasphemed for your grace.

You are not cursed for your bounty.

You are not insulted for your free gifts.

You are not mocked for your patience.

You are not blamed for your pardon.

You are not accused for your goodness.

You are not dishonoured for your sweetness.

You are not despised for your meekness.

For these, we send not complaints,

but gratitude that cannot be silenced.

Take away my sins, Almighty.

Remove the curse from me, blessed.

Pardon my debts, merciful.

Erase my transgressions, compassionate.

Extend your hand of deliverance

and I will instantly be made perfect.

What is easier than this for you Lord,

and what is more important to you?

Thus, providential Lord, revive me,

made in your image and brought to life by your breath,

in order to renew the breath of your pure

enlightening grace,

protecting my sinful soul.

Prayer from the Sunrise Office of the Armenian Church:

O Light!
Divine and one Holy Trinity,
we who are born of the earth glorify you always,
together with the heavenly hosts.
At the rising of the morning light,
shine forth upon our souls your intelligible light.