Week 50 - Cape Verde, The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal

9 December - 31 December 1969


Give thanks for:

  • Community and religious organizations that work together to improve food security in rural households, to educate and end illiteracy, to support refugees from neighbouring countries, and to provide care for people living with HIV and AIDS.
  • Christians in these predominantly Muslim countries who continue to witness to their faith and live their lives in accordance with the gospel.
  • Rural populations, subsistence farmers and livestock herders, who endure the season of want that precedes the harvest every year.
  • Stilt dancers in Guinea.

Pray for:

  • Those who flee to urban areas and face problems such as chronic unemployment, alcoholism and drug addiction.
  • Leaders, to govern wisely on behalf of all their people, and to address underlying problems of ethnic strife and the unequal distribution of wealth through non-violent means.
  • Rebuilding and healing in Guinea-Bissau as it recovers from civil war, and the establishment of stable civilian government.
  • And end to military coups.
  • Those from Cape Verde who are unable to make a living in their home country and must live and work abroad.
  • All who suffer the effects of water shortages and long-term drought.
  • An end to discrimination on the basis of religion or ethnicity.
  • Refugees who seek shelter and safety in these countries and for those who work to meet their needs.
  • The environment, particularly areas that are subject to overgrazing, over fishing, desertification and soil erosion.
  • Peace, understanding and tolerance between the different religions of these countries, and respect and the freedom to express one’s faith.

Prayer for The Gambia

Lord, grant our leaders the qualities of leadership they need

to stride securely through our times,

and on the hard-fought path of life

give them a generous portion of the grace they need

to lead us with a sincere heart and with wisdom.

May the difficult sacrifices

we joyfully make for the development of our country

reach up to you as a living plea

to lavish kindness, faithfulness and power

and keep watch over our land.

Lord, let us believe in your power

to bring all people together

and let no one deprive us of this song of unity.

Let us form the great image of the human person and community

among us which fulfils your will.

We pray for peace and unity in our homeland,

that we may be able to live as one family

working for the betterment of our nation and her people.

We pray for all those who have to witness to their faith

in situations where they are ridiculed, threatened and persecuted:

that they may find in you, Lord, the courage they need.

Prayer from Senegal

Lord, hear my prayer of peace and forgiveness!

Lord God, forgive the white slave-traders of Europe and over the seas!
They hunted our children like wild elephants. They caught them, tied
them up, whipped them and soiled their hands with their blood.

Bless my people, Lord, those who seek their own faces under the threat
of being recognized. May they continue to seek you in spite of the cold
and famine that eats at their very bones, at their very insides. The
woman who laments her absent husband, the fiancée her lost love, the
mother her dead son, bless those who have lost loved ones, may we all
unite under your love.

With your help, may all the people of Europe, Asia, Africa, and all who
have sweated blood and suffering look beyond and see the haloed heads
of my people. Extend a warm handshake to them so that we may all
interlace our fingers to belt the earth in fraternal love.