Week 51 - Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, Togo

13 April - 31 December 1969


Give thanks for:

  • Pastors, priests and evangelists and other church workers for their mission endeavours.
  • Those who search for ways to provide clean water.
  • The education ministry of churches.
  • Coffee and cacao, palm groves and coconut, yams and peanuts.
  • The indigenous woven cloth and work in bronze.

Pray for:

  • Peace, unity, and political and economic stability throughout the region.
  • Unemployed young people.
  • The many people in these countries who live in desperate poverty, and efforts to create better living conditions.
  • Health care workers who provide medical help and education to those living with HIV and AIDS.
  • Children who are trafficked for cheap labour or otherwise exploited.




Our Father in heaven,
you are the God of gods, the King of kings.

We ask you to bless our governments,
our leaders, our elders
and all those who are in powerful positions.

Give them a heart which abides by your will
so they no longer favour injustice,
but act for the well-being of all,
in all things.

Give us all humble hearts
so that we have good things,
right actions,
and your blessing forever for our country.

Bless the activities of the farmer, the fisherman,
the businesswoman, the artist, and all other workers.

After the dry season, send us the blessed rain
and favour us with a plentiful harvest
so that we may glorify you.

Have pity on the poor, the soldiers, the sick.

Help those who are alone
and console those who are devastated.

Support pregnant women and mothers.
Help the widows and widowers.
Be father and mother to all orphans.

God, bless your word for Christians,
and for non-believers,
so that they may be assured
and lean on you
to obtain forgiveness for their sins
and become your children.

O Lord, have pity on us.
You are the God of mercy.

You are the strength, the glory, the honour and the holiness,
forever and ever.

(© 2005 Josephine Sanvee, Togo)

Prayer for forgiveness

Voice 1: O God, most mighty among the heavens, forgive our sins. Amen.
Voice 2: For private and secret sins, O God, forgive us. Amen.
V1: For not walking uprightly, O God, forgive us. Amen.
V2: Forgive our young people. Amen.
V1: Forgive our adults. Amen.
V2: Forgive our men. Amen.
V1: Forgive our women. Amen.
V2: Visit not the sins of our fathers on us. Amen.
V1: If you should visit their iniquities on us who worship you,
we shall be hurt. Amen.
V2: Therefore blot out all their sins this day, O Lord. Amen.
V1: Forgive us individually. Amen.
V2: Forgive us corporately. Amen.
V1: Grant forgiveness to all who worship you and do your will on earth.

(Pastor Franck Mawuli Adubra, Togo. Prières pour le monde 2004 © Fédération protestante de France, Paris, France. English transl. Terry MacArthur, © 2005 WCC)