Consultative bodies

WCC consultative bodies - commissions, boards, advisory groups and reference groups, whose members are drawn from member churches, WCC governing bodies and the broader ecumenical constituency - advise staff on programme directions, implementation and evaluation.

The WCC's 9th assembly meeting in Brazil in 2006 accepted the nomination of members of four such consultative bodies for the seven-year period until the next assembly:

Commission on World Mission and Evangelism (25 members)
Commission of the Churches on International Affairs (38 members)
Commission on Education and Ecumenical Formation (30 members)
Echos Commission on Youth in the ecumenical movement (25 members)

A fifth commission, the 120-member Plenary Commission on Faith and Order, includes several churches which are not members of the WCC, among them the Roman Catholic Church. Members are nominated by their churches; nominations for the commission were presented for approval to the WCC executive committee in September 2007. A 30-member standing commission was named by the central committee immediately following the 2006 assembly.