Joint bodies

The WCC builds intentional relationships with churches that are not members of the Council. In addition to informal contacts, long-term consultative processes are set up to ensure growth in trust and understanding.

One of these joint bodies, the joint working group between the Roman Catholic Church and the WCC, already has over forty years of experience in establishing relations and participation in the different areas both institutions are working on. More recently, a joint consultative group has been set up together with Pentecostal Churches, as well as a joint consultative commission together with Christian World Communions. Thereby, the WCC aims to build trustful and fruitful relationships with these constituencies, for the benefit of those involved and of the ecumenical movement as a whole.

Mindful of its special responsibility for the coherence and effectiveness of the ecumenical movement, the WCC has also initiated a process for "reconfiguring the ecumenical movement" which has engaged the full range of churches and related organizations. The process is continuing with a stronger theological emphasis through the continuation committee on "Ecumenism in the 21st Century".