Joint consultative group WCC-Pentecostals (JCG)
Choir practice in a Pentecostal church, Haïti.

Many of the churches which have not traditionally been involved with the ecumenical movement nor the World Council of Churches (WCC) are related to the Pentecostal or Evangelical traditions or count among African Instituted churches and other independent churches. These churches hold in common specific theological emphases, their vitality and rapid growth.

The Joint Consultative Group between the WCC and Pentecostals (JCG) was set up following a decision of the WCC Assembly in Harare 1998. Representatives of Pentecostal churches from four continents had accepted the WCC's invitation to a first meeting in June 2000.

The group's purposes according to a statement by the constituting meeting are:

  • to search for better ways of understanding one another;

  • to look for new opportunities for mutual learning and action;

  • to share our experience of Christian witness with one another;

  • to discuss our challenges with the hope of moving beyond them;

  • to share what we will learn with our respective churches;

  • leading to our affirmation of the common life in the Spirit.

The JCG was confirmed at the last WCC Assembly in Porto Alegre 2006. It has a Pentecostal and a WCC co-moderator and focuses on building relationships through ongoing theological conversations and studies, for the period 2007-2013 in particular on the marks of the church.

The WCC staff, who facilitates the JCG, ensures that Pentecostal contributions are included in the various programmes and activities of the WCC, and particularly in the work on unity, mission, evangelism and spirituality, as well as the related commissions on Faith & Order and World Mission and Evangelism.

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