San Cristóbal y Nieves


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Superficie:360 km2
INB per cápita:8210 US$



Cristiana: 95.00%

Hindú: 2.00%

Espiritista: 2.00%

Otra: 1.00%


Protestantes: 22260

Anglicanos: 15800

Católicos: 4800

Pentecostales: 2770

Independientes: 1780

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Originally settled in 1624 by the British, the two islands of Kitts and Nevis were governed separately though they were only 3 km apart.  This changed in the late nineteenth century when they were forcefully unified together with the island of Anguilla by the British.  The strain from this union is still evident today as Nevis accuses St. Kitts of neglecting its needs.  Saint Kitts and Nevis became an associated state with full internal autonomy in 1967.  They were still connected with Anguilla until 1971 when Anguillans rebelled and became independent.  Full independence was given to St Kitts - Nevis in 1983.  In 1998, a proposal was submitted to separate St. Kitts from Nevis, but it failed to gain the two-thirds majority.  The country is primarily Protestant due to its strong British roots (Anglicans lead the numbers).  

(source:  Wikipedia)


Organizaciones y consejos ecuménicos

Iglesias miembros del CMI con sede en San Cristóbal y Nieves

    Iglesias miembros del CMI presente en San Cristóbal y Nieves

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