Week 18 - Eritrea, Ethiopia

13 April - 31 December 1969


Give thanks for:

  • The faithful witness of Ethiopian and Eritrean Christians.
  • Ancient traditions, and new possibilities for proclaiming the faith of the risen Christ.
  • Those who serve the poor and the hungry.
  • Injera (Ethiopian bread) and wat (a sauce for meat and vegetables).

Pray for:

  • Governments marked by peace and justice.
  • The settling of border disputes by diplomatic means instead of violence.
  • New sources of food and potable water that can be developed affordably.
  • Medical personnel to be trained and clinics to be made available for the people.
  • Refugees and those who have been displaced from their homes and villages.
  • Those suffering from AIDS, tuberculosis and other diseases, who have no access to medical care.


O God Eternal, good beyond all that is good, fair beyond all that is fair, in
whom is calmness and peace: reconcile the differences which divide us
from one another and bring us back into the unity of love which may bear
some likeness to your divine nature. Grant that we may be spiritually one,
both within ourselves and with one another, through the grace, mercy and
tenderness of your son, Jesus Christ.


(prayer text for 2007)

Thank you, dear Jesus,
for being a good shepherd to all believers.
When we are lost from your flock,

you never sleep until you bring us back,
and there is rejoicing in heaven and on earth.
Our daily shepherd, our defender, our protector,
thank you for keeping us from all evil,
from fearful, harmful things
and for preserving us from all unbelief.
In your name we pray.

© 2005 Ghirmaleoul Nemariam. Eritrea.