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Covenanted Churches within Cytun

Founded in 1975.

Basis: Affiliation to the Covenanted Churches within Cytun is open to all churches or church bodies in Wales which formally accept the terms of the Covenant, and whose affiliation is approved by the Commission of the Covenanted Churches within Cytun.

Concluding sentence of the Covenant signed in 1975: "Accordingly we enter now into this solemn Covenant before God and with one another, to work and pray in common obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ, in order that by the Holy Spirit we may be brought into one visible church to serve together in mission to the glory of God the Father."

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Church in Wales

Committee of the Covenanted Baptist Churches in Wales

(within the Baptist Union of Great Britain)

Methodist Church

Presbyterian Church of Wales

United Reformed Church

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Baptist Union of Great Britain

Baptist Union of Wales

Roman Catholic Church

Union of Welsh Independents