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Webinar will show how Green Village nurtures "New way of work"

09 September 2020

On 17 September, a livestream event will show how the Green Village promotes a “New way of work” for the World Council of Churches and other organizations that will be located there.

The webinar is designed in the Green Village spirit, fostering the open exchange of ideas for a better future.

Speakers will include Christoph Magnussen, co-founder of a mobile phone company, “reCommerce”, which grew from Swiss francs 1M to 31M revenue in less than five years. He devotes himself to inspiring individual productivity and self-determined work, with the help of the latest online collaboration tools and "new work" methods.

A second speaker, Laura Venchiarutti, has 20 years of experience in professional transitions and, with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), she considers how AI  should be placed at the service of a sustainable humanity.

Antoine Verdon will share insights on how, while societies are preparing to deal with mass unemployment, some companies are struggling to find qualified talent. Verdon will explore the question: What will tomorrow's jobs look like?

Register here to follow the event and join us in a live discussion.

For last minute registration requests (after 3 p.m. CET) send an email to:

Green Village project