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Election of Search Committee

Recommendation of the executive to the Central Committee in the composition of the Search Committee.

02 September 2002

World Council of Churches
Geneva, Switzerland
26 August - 3 September 2002

Election of Search Committee

In closed session, the Executive Committee has received the report of the scrutineers about the result of the vote taken in Central Committee to determine ten members of the Search Committee for a new General Secretary. The report clearly identified the ten names with the highest number of votes. Following the agreed procedures, these persons were confirmed as members of the Search Committee.

Subsequently, the Executive Committee proceeded to select the names of the additional six members of the Search Committee, using the record of votes cast by Central Committee. Recognizing that the desirable number of women on the Search Committee had already been achieved with the direct ballot, the Executive Committee sought in particular to achieve the desired representation of Orthodox members. Given the outcome of the direct ballot, the Executive Committee had to accept that remaining imbalances, especially regarding regional representation, could not be rectified fully by allocating the six seats available.

The Executive Committee therefore recommends to the Central Committee to confirm the composition of the Search Committee as follows:
Aasa Marklund, Ms Inger, FL, Lutheran, EU
Abuom, Dr Agnes, FL, Anglican, AF
Adinyira, Justice Sophia, FL, Anglican, AF
Alfeyev, Bishop Dr. Hilarion, MO, E.Orthodox, EU
Anastasios, Archbishop of Tirana, MO, E.Orthodox, EU
Baliozian, Archbishop Aghan, MO, O.Orthodox, AS
Best, Dr Marion, FL, United, NA
Edwards-Cabey, Ms Donnalie, FL, Anglican, CA
Etchegoyen, Bishop Aldo, MO, Methodist, LA
Gadegaard, Dean Anders, MO, Lutheran, EU
Glynn Mackoul, Ms Anne, FL, E.Orthodox, NA
Karagdad, Ms Carmencita, FL, Independent, AS
Kirkpatrick, Dr Clifton, MO, Reformed, NA
Masango, Dr Maake, MO, Reformed, AF
Norman, Mr Arthur, ML, Lutheran, NA
Ntahoturi, Bishop Bernard, MO, Anglican, AF
Powell-Jackson, Dr Bernice, FL, United, NA
Youannes, Bishop, MO, O.Orthodox, ME