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Membership of Central and Executive Committee and Commissions

02 September 2002

World Council of Churches
Geneva, Switzerland
26 August - 3 September 2002

Membership of Central and Executive Committee and Commissions

Central Committee

At its meetings of 11-14 September 2001, 19-22 February and 23-24 August 2002, the Executive Committee was informed of several resignations from the Central Committee. It therefore recommends that the Central Committee confirm the following replacements:

- Rev. Pakoa B. Maraki of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu to replace Rev. Ruben Magekon.
- Bishop Dr Rolf Koppe of the Evangelical Church in Germany to replace Bishop Dr Wolfgang Huber.
- Metr. Gennadios of Sassima of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to replace Very Rev. Dr Georges Tsetsis.
- Rev. Dr Elisée Musemakweli of the Presbyterian Church in Rwanda (jointly proposed by the Presbyterian Church and the Association of Baptist Churches in Rwanda) to replace Rev. Dr André Karamaga.
- Ms Jill Thornton of the United Reformed Church in the UK to replace Ms Jenny Downing.
- Ms Jennifer Nagel of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America to replace Ms Kathy Magnus.
- Prof. Georgios Galitis of the Church of Greece to replace Prof. John S. Romanides.

    Metr. Ambrosios of Kalavryta and Aigealia, Church of Greece, to replace Metr. Timotheos of Corfu.

- Mme Titaua Hamblin of the Evangelical Church in French Polynesia to replace Mme Jeannie Pittman.
- Rt. Rev. John Mweresa Kivuli II of the African Israel Nineveh Church, Kenya, to replace Rev. Levi Okang’a Akhura from the African Church of the Holy Spirit.

The Executive Committee further recommends to nominate Bishop McKinley Young as Moderator of the Finance Committee.

The Central Committee is asked to approve the request of Eden Grace to change from Policy Reference Committee II to the Finance Committee.

Executive Committee

At the time of their resignation from Central Committee, Bishop Dr Wolfgang Huber and Very Rev. Dr Georges Tsetsis have also resigned from the Executive Committee. The Central Committee is asked to approve their replacement by Bishop Dr Rolf Koppe and Metr. Gennadios of Sassima.

Faith and Order Standing Commission

The Faith and Order Nominations Committee recommends that the following names be forwarded to the Central Committee for election to the Faith and Order Standing Commission:

- Rev. Dr Chul Ho Youn from the Presbyterian Church of Korea to replace Prof. Yohan Hyun.
- Dr Walburga Schmiedt Streck from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Brazil to replace Rev. Dr Ivoni Richter-Reimer.
- Rev. Richard Treloar (jointly nominated by the Uniting Church in Australia and the Anglican Church of Australia) to replace Prof. Dorothy Lee.

For information: The meeting of the Faith and Order Standing Commission in January 2002 elected Archbishop John Onaiyekan to the office of Vice-Moderator, to replace Rev. Prof. Jean-Marie Tillard.

Commission of the Churches on International Affairs

Mr Jacques Stewart, France, has asked to be relieved of his responsibility on the Commission. It is proposed to elect Mr Jean-Arnold de Clermont, the President of the French Protestant Federation, in his place.

Advisory Group on Justice, Peace and Creation

Rev. Dr Stanley McKay from the United Church of Canada resigned as member and moderator. It is proposed to elect Lic. Elias Crisostomo Abramides from the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople as moderator.

Since the last meeting of the Central Committee, the Executive Committee appointed the following new members to commissions and advisory groups:
- Rev. Robina Winbush to replace Rev. Eugene Turner on the Special Commission;
- Ms Wendy McFadden to replace Mr Randy Naylor on the Communication Advisory Group;
- Rev. Ofelia Ortega to replace Mr Hildo Bos on the Core Group of the Programme Committee;
- Rev. Dr Dagmar Heller and Rev. Myra Blyth to replace Rev. Tim Kuschnerus and Rev. Ian Murdoch-Smith, respectively, on the Advisory Group on Church and Ecumenical Relations;
- Rev. Dr Lesley Anderson and Rev. Paul Goodliffe to replace Rev. Carlos Ham and Rev. David Coffey, respectively, on the Joint Consultative Group with Pentecostals;
- Rev. Dr Gottfried Locher to replace Prof. John Briggs on the WCC-CEC Liaison Group;
- Ms Chrystalla Kaloyirou to replace Ms Anne Glynn Mackoul on the Advisory Group on Justice, Peace and Creation;
- Ms Despina Namwembe and Mr Jonah Gokova to replace Ms Ariadni Psillos and Rev. Bob Shantz, respectively, on the Women’s Advisory Group;
- Ms Anastasia Vassiliadou and Mr Richard Tatwin to replace Ms Patra Kazilas and Ms Unaloto Tu’ineau, respectively, on the Youth Advisory Group.