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Middle East

Advent message to the churches and Christian communities of Jerusalem
Appeal against death sentence of six health workers in Libya
Appeal against military action in Iraq
Appeal following Palestinian election
Appeal to Iraq to respect the resolutions of the UN Security Council
Background Information to Evaluate the Gaza Pullout
Call for the Release of Peace Workers in Iraq
Church leaders united against war in Iraq
Comments on the killing of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin
Condolences on death of Fr Boulos Iskander
Condolences on the death of President Yasser Arafat
Copy of Appeal following Palestinian election
Executive Committee February 2004 Statement on the Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel's
Executive Committee May 2006 Statement on the Conflict in Israel/Palestine: The Time Is Ripe To Do What
Expression of concern after attack on Christian community of Maghar
Expression of concern at recent statements by Iranian President
Expression of sympathy following deaths at Baghdad's Kadhimiya Mosque
Iraq - Appeal to church leaders in member states of the UN Security Council
Iraq - Appeal to the governments of China, France, Russia and the UK
Iraq - Appeal to the UN Security Council to lift sanctions with direct and indiscriminate effect on the civilian population
Iraq - Appeal to the US Government
Letter to Ambassador Kevin Edward Moley, Permanent Mission of the USA to the UN in Geneva
Israel - Expression of condolences to victims of suicide bombing
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Appeal for urgent action
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Appeal to the European Union to take a leading role in seeking a just and sustainable peace in the Middle East
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Background Document on the Situation in the Middle East
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - In Pursuit of Lasting Peace with Justice
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Letter of encouragement to the UN Secretary-General for his initiative for a resumption of negotiations
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Minute on the situation in the Holy Land after the outbreak of the second Palestinian uprising
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Sharing the land, the truth and the peace
Written submission by the CCIA to the Fifth Special Session of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights devoted to grave and massive violations of the human rights of the Palestinian people by Israel
Letter from Jerusalem
Letter on the Middle East conflict
Message from Church Leaders United Against the War in Iraq
Message of solidarity after earthquake in Iran
Message of solidarity with the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem
Message to the Churches in Iraq
Minute on Certain Economic Measures for Peace in Israel/Palestine
Minute on Jerusalem
Minute on the Occupied Palestinian Territories
Morally responsible investment in Israel-Palestine
On the escalation of conflict between Israel and Lebanon
Open Letter on the Status of Jerusalem
Expressing alarm about new political developments which adversely affect the status of Jerusalem, the director of the WCC's Commission of the Churches on International Affairs issued an open letter reiterating the position of its member churches and calling for "an open and inclusive Jerusalem, a city of shared sovereignty and citizenship, a city of two peoples and three faiths, of Christians, Muslims and Jews".
Oral intervention on human rights violations in the occupied Arab territories
The following is the full text of the intervention made on Wednesday, 28 March, to the 57th Session of the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights, meeting in Geneva, 19 March - 27 April 2001
Palestine - Message of condolences on the death of Faissal Husseini
Palestine - Statement of support at the Bethlehem 2000 International Conference
Presentation by the Director of the CCIA to the conference convened at FAO headquarters by the UN Special Committee on Palestine, Rome, 18-19 February 1999.
Pastoral Letter on the Violence in the Middle East
Recognition by Israel of His Beatitude Patriarch Theophilus III
Recognition of new Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem
Reiteration of concern at declarations by Iranian President
Release of hostages in Iraq
Resolution on ecumenical response to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
Statement Against Military Action in Iraq
Statement on Iraq
Statement on Israel's obligations as occupying power
Issued by the CCIA on the occasion of the Conference of the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention.
Statement on the ecumenical response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Holy Land
Statement on the Iraq Crisis: Enhancing Peace, Accountability and the Rule
Statement on the Israeli withdrawal from South Lebanon
Statement on the threats of military action against Iraq
Statement on the War in Iraq
Statement on the War in Lebanon and Northern Israel, and Ecumenical
Terrorist attack on the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad
The escalation of the Israel/Palestine conflict
Theological Consultation on the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme
WCC Appeal to the International Community
WCC statement on the execution of deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein
"Week of Impunity" in the Middle East
WCC calls international attention to situation in the Middle East
World church leaders call for end to violence in the Middle East