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The Future of Theological Education in Asia

Asian Forum on Theological Education (AFTE) Communiqué
Theological education in Asia has been constantly under review, aimed at making it more relevant in addressing the emerging local and global challenges as well as contextual issues, which demands that programs of theological education continue to strive to form Christian theological preachers and teachers who will witness to Christ.
Asian Forum on Theological Education (AFTE) Guidelines
With the sprouting of many theological institutions and Bible schools in Asia, there is a need for these theological education networks to come together, learn from each other and work together and come up with a mutual support mechanism to strengthen leadership formation program of the churches. Participants of the workshop affirmed the need of bringing together different theological education networks in Asia under the umbrella “Asian Forum on Theological Education.”
Asian Forum on Theological Education (AFTE)
Responding to the need of working together in training future church leaders, the Ecumenical Theological Education of the World Council of Churches (ETE-WCC) in cooperation with the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), 15 representatives from regional and national theological associations, networks and partner organizations for theological education in Asia met at Trinity Theological College, Singapore on the Pentecost-weekend from 10-11, June, 2011.